The book that names and shames the 50 people who have got us into the mess we're in.

The list

Our worst enemies


The list is out...

But hey, there are plenty more bad guys and gals out there. I know I didn't get them all - and I know some of the inclusions are controversial.

So let me know what you think.

Fill in the survey below and one day I'll announce the most and least popular people on there. If you think I'm right to have included a person, click towards the agree side of things. If you think I'm wrong, click towards disagree. If you're neutral on anyone just skip them. Filling in all 50 might take a while, after all...

 Also! If there are people I missed, let me know in the form below. Hopefully, I'll get to write a volume two one day...

Your worst enemies
Your worst enemies
What do you think of the list in Enemies Of The People? Do you agree with the inclusions on the list? State your preferences below and we'll tally them up. (Then I'll send them off to Putin and ask him for the 'official' results, just like in any other election...)
Vladimir Putin
Ayn Rand
Milton Friedman
Ronald Reagan
Margaret Thatcher
William the Conqueror
Mel Gibson
Richard Nixon
Chairman Mao
Henry Kissinger
Rex Tillerson
The Koch Brothers
Thomas Midgley Jr
Henry Ford
Adolf Hitler
Pepe the Frog
Mark Zuckerberg
Arron Banks
Nigel Farage
James Goldsmith
Ray Kroc
Jeff Bezos
Hal 9000
Julian Assange
Steve Bannon
Donald Trump
Benjamin Franklin
L. Ron Hubbard
Jerry Falwell
Jesus Christ
Ibn Abd al-Wahhab
Osama bin Laden
George W. Bush
Tony Blair
Jeremy Corbyn
David Cameron
Lynton Crosby
Kim Kardashian West
Chris Martin
Simon Cowell
Piers Morgan
Boris Johnson
Michael Gove
Theresa May
Marine Le Pen
Paul Dacre
Katie Hopkins
The Queen
Your Granny
John Romulus Brinkley
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